Monday, July 6, 2015

Early Style Influences

My early illustration career was influenced by the golden age artists such as Pyle, Wyeth, Parrish, Leyendecker, etc...  I later became interested in illustration from the 1960's done by artists such as Bernie Fuchs and Al Parker early in their careers and really loved the compositions and stylization.  I also loved the old car ads that made every auto look like you needed to have it!  The best of these ads were created by artists "Fitz &Van".  Much can be learned from looking at their dynamic presentations of the product  and the setting.

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"If Art's car was to be placed on Van's background, he painted in opaque watercolor gouache on one-ply Strathmore art paper. "If I was working on a convertible or a car with a detailed background, I'd often only do the body, cutting along the windowsill with an X-ACTO knife. I'd turn the car over and sandpaper the edges to a knife-point so that they wouldn't show on the background-then I'd rubber-cement both surfaces, and paint the roof or other details right on Van's background."

 - Feature Article from Hemmings Classic Car

     April, 2005 - Mark J McCourt

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