Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beacon Paint-Out

This is the first time our art center held a plein air paint out and auction in Beacon, NY.  I created a painting of an interesting house I'd been noticing for some time.  While I was taking some photos for lighting reference, the owner of the house came out and we talked.  He told me of the structure's history, it's the third oldest house in Beacon, and of his family's connection to the house.  All of the information only made me want to paint it more and the result was just what I wanted.  He attended the auction and was the winning bidder for the work.  I'm glad that he and his wife will enjoy the painting as much as I enjoyed painting it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

iPad Sketching

So, here are a couple of quick sketches I created on the iPad using "Adobe Ideas" from the app store and a "Pogo" sketch stylus.  As you can see it's very similar to using markers to sketch with.  I've played around with the transparency and layers to suit my needs  I'm posting these because so many people have questions about what the art looks like on the iPad and these examples are at a very simple level.  I'll continue to explore and post new digital sketches as time permits.  meanwhile I'm back to working on illustration deadlines and preparing for some plein air painting.